Sunday, February 19, 2012

Business Fever!!!

Since my last post I decided that I have what I am diagnosing as, "Business Fever." When I lay down at night, I plan out what the room of my shop would look like and how it would be decorated. Of course, it keeps me awake at night making my early mornings almost unbearable. I ride around LaGrange almost everyday calling the numbers to check out their price. Most phone calls end with, "Thank you so much, but it's a bit out of my price range." However, one place I found isn't perfect, but just might be the place to start. So, for the last couple of weeks I have been crunching numbers to see if it is even financially possible. Finally, I told myself that if the building is still for rent in May, I might just take a leap of faith and start Restored Charm...the store. :) I could spend my summer working and making things to see if this crazy restaurant/antique store idea is even worth it.

My birthday is coming up in about a month and my wish list has been completely taken over with tools and supplies to make my projects a little easier. I need a few of these items, because I have spent the last week or so enduring terrible back pain. Not really sure what caused it, but I will have to be careful when making some of my projects. My thoughts quickly turned to one of those back braces with suspenders. I think I could rock it! :)

Last week I was talking to a friend who asked me to make her a shelf for her baby's room. Of course, this isn't just any shelf...I will be using an old door and turning it into a corner shelving unit for her to use. It has been so much fun planning everything out and starting to make my first real project for sale. In the process, I have run into a few obstacles which immediately meant break-time for Lindsey and a phone call to my Daddy. He says he will be down in a couple of days for a visit and "we will work it all out." Got to love a supportive Daddy! So, that's where I am for now...taking requests. :) I have a few other small projects going and will post pictures soon! For now, let me know if you know of a cheap building for rent and pray my back remains healthy! Love to all!

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