Monday, February 20, 2012

Presidents' Day Scavenger Hunt...

I have taken full advantage of my day off today and loaded my poor Xterra down with "junk" several times. It definitely took a beating. First, I played around in my garage, which has lately taken on the junk yard look. I definitely don't hate it. I worked on a sign for a friend and then went to pick up a couple of old doors that I recently purchased. On the way, I spotted free wooden fruit crates for the taking and I loaded my front seat down with as many as possible. If it's's for me!

After realizing that I hadn't seen my Grandparents in a while, I ventured out to my old neck of the woods. I love spending time with them and looking around their house makes my mind race with ideas. Although our visits are now confined to my "Grandaddy's Room" in the back of the house, I don't mind one bit. I explain to my Grandaddy what I have been doing and he seems interested and even mentions that I can have some of his "treasures" down at the shop. He also tells me that there are a few picture frames that I might be interested in upstairs. He motioned how to find them with his giant hands that have seen so many years they could tell a story all on their own. Our conversation then turned to advice on cutting a piece of wood at a 45 degree angle, but we are continuously interrupted by my precious Grandmother saying, "You are so pretty. Well you've always been pretty, but now you're just gorgeous." Imagine all of this in the thickest, Scarlett O'Hara accent. After a short visit with my uncle, I head down to the shop to see what I can find. Man, did I hit the jackpot!!! My family is one of those large southern families that daily visits for us would seem like a family reunion to some. My cousins ask what I am doing and are also very supportive of my new venture. More relatives show up and we visit for a short time. Finally, I head home to unload my loot. I was so excited about it all that I kept looking out my window admiring my stash! :)

My Daddy said he is working on a few tool ideas for me and I can't wait to see what his genius mind creates! He decided that he would refurbish one of his old tools for me to use on my projects and this is what it looks like...for now!

Whether you were working in an office or piddling around the house, I hope everyone enjoyed their day as much as I did!


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