Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Well...I'm back. :) I guess the best way to explain my absence is that I have been a little busy and a little distracted with work, gardening, and dealing with thieves. Yes, that's right...while I was enjoying my spring break kayaking with my little sis, my lawn mower was stolen. But why dwell on the negative! Now, kayaking...is something everyone should try it! Allison and I spent the day Monday on the Broad River in Danielsville, GA, camped Monday night, and then decided to go down the river again on Tuesday. Between the rapids, Idgie, and a halfway inflated air mattress to sleep on, we couldn't stop laughing! In case you want to experience this yourself...here is the link to The Broad River Outpost. http://www.broadriveroutpost.com/ This is a shot of Idgie, after we made it safely through a crazy rapid! I think she enjoyed it!

Over the last month, I have spent quite a bit of time and collecting things from my MawMaw's house and off the side of the street. I was called a, "Lagrange Picker" earlier today! :) I haven't spent a lot of time working on projects because I made a decision to wait on pursuing the building to sell my things. Instead, I am going to make and sell my treasures out of my garage. So, spread the word and let know if you need anything for your home or garden! In March, I made these birthday decorations for my niece, Kayla's, 3rd birthday. Also, I just finished a pair of shutter plant stands...sorry, they are already sold. But there is more where that came from. :)

While I have taken a little time off from the arts and crafts side of things, I have been staying busy by tilling my yard, adding fertilizer, and accumulating various plants for my window box and yard. I built the window box last year when I couldn't find one long enough to fit my window. Then, I painted it turquoise...my favorite color. Gardening has become quite the obsession and in the process, I have even met some new neighborhood friends who gave me some plans to add to my collection. I will post a picture of the yard when everything blooms!
Sorry for not posting lately, but I promise to write again soon! Happy Spring! :)