Monday, June 18, 2012

Friends, Father's Day, and more projects

Happy 30th Carly!
My friends have always been a huge part of my life and the last two weeks have been spent celebrating birthdays and babies for some of my closest friends!
      There is no better way to celebrate turning 30 than camping ALL weekend! That's exactly what we did for my dear friend Carly. It was no surprise that so many people came to celebrate a very special gal! :)
Bumble Bee shower
     Next, I helped throw a baby shower for my best friend since the second grade, Chelci and her sister Evie. During the summer, we spend most Wednesdays going to the flea market, eating boiled peanuts, and laying by the pool. I can't wait for Lyla and Gray to join us soon! :)
Father's Day
     When it comes to Fathers, I would challenge anyone to find a better Daddy than my own. He is kind, supportive, and always ready to help his 3 daughters. For Father's day, he came to town and my sister and I met him for lunch. After lunch, we met the majority of the Binion family at a memorial to honor various war veterans. My Grandaddy served in WWII and we met to find the brick with his name. We spent some time honoring his service and of course laughing. It is hard not to laugh when you have a family full of funny people. :)
Honoring Grandaddy

      And now, PROJECTS!!! I have really enjoyed my latest projects. First, I made wooden letters with colored roses for a friend's nursery. It took a few trips to find the right colors, but I think we finally found them! I love the flower wall vases that I made for graduation gifts. I wish I would have had one when I was in college. Flowers always make a space feel like home! Finally, I made a coffee table out of an old window for my cousin. I am currently redecorating her porch. Between fixing mantles, moving furniture, and finding the perfect curtains, we are having a blast! I am going to be so jealous of the porch when we finish.
Vases for grads

Vintage window coffee table

Letters for nursery
I am planning on making more projects and having another "Open Garage" soon! Enjoy your week!


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